SASHIKO × TAKONOHA, two Japanese folk crafts met.


SASHIKO was once lost

Sashiko is one of the Japanese folk crafts which has been passed on for hundreds of years. But it doesn't mean most Japanese people ( or women ) are able to stitch sashiko. Actually, sashiko had been culturally lost during the high economic growth because we didn't need sashiko anymore. 

In the last few years, sashiko is becoming popular again and lots of books have been published in Japan. Even still, when I say "I do sashiko", not every Japanese people can understand what I exactly mean. Some people have heard of it, others have seen it before, but I need to add some explanations about what SASHIKO is. 


SASHIKO for fun

In modern times, we have no necessities to stitch sashiko because we are surrounded by fast fashion. Therefore, sashiko's role has completely changed. In most cases, we are stitching sashiko just for fun for domestic use only. That's why it is extremely difficult to find good sashiko products to be purchased. 


Good and authentic sashiko products

Momo @momo_sashiko is a Japanese crafter who makes good and authentic sashiko products. I admire her works and I respect her attitude about how carefully she selects the materials for her sashiko. Her method is based on Nagai-sashiko from Yamagata prefecture. I call her works authentic because she learnt the Nagai-sashiko method for years directly from the master in Yamagata. She creates beautiful sashiko works by following the tradition with the traditional patterns only. 



I'm so excited to be able to announce that beautifully made sashiko products by @momo_sashiko will be listed on my SASHIKO.LAB's store for limited time. Tomorrow, I will introduce you one more folk craft which is the key to this pin cushion.